Hollywood and Sunset

hollywoodHollywood and Sunset finds Henry in midlife, owner of a minor league baseball club he has lost interest in, a distant father of a six year-old, and losing his wife of many years. He has discovered another alternative world, the motion picture, the photoplay as it was called then – and a new antagonist, D.W. Griffith, who has invented the blockbuster photoplay and turned a place called Hollywood into an American gold rush with his virulently racist Birth of a Nation, which Henry pilloried in The Atlantic magazine. Henry is writing a book about Griffith. In the course of three days, Henry must deal with a marriage crisis, fatherhood, Griffith himself, the subtle, incomparable Lillian Gish, but most of all his son. These are different from own-dare-win-lose. This is no private island.

Hollywood and Sunset is another investigation of an alternative, imaginative world – the movies, rather than baseball – and that other world: family – fatherhood, jealousy, love, forgiveness. That world – the one closer than the imaginary ones we need so badly – jumps up and bites Henry on the ass. And he must, as the youth say today, “Deal with it.”

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